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Just announced from USBC:

"Anyone who currently holds RVP certification will need to complete the required online SafeSport training by Jan. 1, 2019.
There is no cost for the online training and it can be accessed 24 hours a day. USBC members and USBC-certified coaches should go through BOWL.com/RVP to access the SafeSport training and to provide their USBC national ID when registering for training."

This includes ALL volunteers working with any High School & Middle School Bowling Club programs.

Please be sure to share this and communicate with all of your youth coaches in your centers.

Here is a recap of the Education held at the Summit!

Kristen Hadeed, CEO of StudentMaid.com-" Best Way to Learn About Millennials is to Talk to One"

She explained the importance of listening to your young workers and empowering your staff to help make change in your center.

Her " FBI " strategy of " Feelings - Behavior - Impact " has seen company's employee retention rate soar, as well as student employees staying longer and being more productive.

Tom Morrison -" There will Continue to be a Labor Shortage for the Next 8 Years " - Tom spoke about today's labor pool with 10 Million Fewer Potential Workers from Generation X ( ages 32-52 ). We all have to do a better job of recruitment, training and empowering our employees. The upside, Expect significant economic growth. Millennial's will soon constitute up to 75% of the workforce, by 2025, with more than 100 million people in this age bracket
( currently ages 6 - 32 year ). Business and industry will be forced to change due to technology. How we do business with Millennial's will reface our centers, our control counters and our food and beverage ordering systems.

Kids Bowl Free- " Recruited 2.8 Million Kids in 2017" - More than One Million Family Passes were purchased by parents in 2017 at $ 25 each. 50% retained by participating centers. 2018 will have an all new program to attract church groups.

Center Information- " Can we Get the Name and Email of Your Center Manager, League Coordinator, Birthday Party Planner and Food and Beverage Manager ? TBCA is committed to helping you grow your business and helping you empower your staff to design and implement programs in your center. Please Forward this information tok.miller@texasbowlingcenters.org.

Inter-Collegiate Championships- 213 Collegiate Teams Competed in 2017.

National Bowling Day-August 11, 2018

Strike Ten -" Social Media Bank " Now Available to Members, A complete social media content bank including: Full Color Photo Library to use for all your flyers and promotions and Exciting Videos of Kids, families, seniors enjoying bowling to use in your social media posts.

2018 Bowl Expo- " The Power of Partnership "
June 17-21, 2018- Paris Hotel and Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy New Year !

Mark Your Calendars!!

Grand Prix Regional - February 18, 2018 - 6,000 points awarded!

Fiesta Lanes, New Braunfels

Squad Times - 10 am and Noon

This is the Last Regional for the season. There will be a last chance qualifier held on August 10th-11th at Cityview Lanes,
Fort Worth.

Last Chance Qualifying Squads Friday August 10th - 6 pm
Saturday - August 11th - 9:30 and 11:30 am
Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth

State Event August 11-12, 2018
Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth - 10,000 points awarded !

Bantam and Prep Finals - Saturday August 11th - 2 pm

Junior and Major Finals - Sunday August 12th - 9 am