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The Grand Prix Point Scholarship Program for scholarship awards is a program designed to reward participation in youth bowling and to help youth bowlers build a scholarship account to further their higher education. With this goal in mind, the foundation of TBCA has been formed to administer funds and to maintain records of participants for Grand Prix Points.  Through 2011  the Grand Prix Scholarship Program has paid out $ 1 million dollars in scholarships since it's inception.

Dear Bowlers: I am working on your 2018 Annual Grand Prix Statement of Scholarships this week and should be in the mail next week. Please read our statement below. This has been a wonderful program and we will miss seeing all the people involved!! It is a sad time for all of us but we will ensure a smooth process. Karen Miller

On behalf of the Texas Bowling Centers Association, Thank you one and all for participating in the Texas Grand Prix Program.  Since our humble beginnings in 1985, TBCA has paid out over one million in scholarships. 

Unfortunately, participation has been waning in recent years and in spite of efforts of many, this program has not received the level of bowler support to keep it sustainable for the future.  We know how much effort everyone has invested to make this program strong for youth bowlers throughout the state.

This letter is to formally advise you of the Grand Prix Board of Trustee’s decision to discontinue this program effective October 1, 2018. 

It is essential that everyone knows nothing has or will happen to the youth bowler’s scholarship money. All money is secure and we will be transferring to each bowler’s SMART account by December 31, 2018. If the bowler does not have a SMART account we will assign them one through SMART. I will be working with the SMART administrator to assure a smooth transition.

The SMART Program which is administered by USBC will continue to administer your account.  The SMART Program is the most efficient way to proceed with getting the scholarships to the bowlers account so when they graduate they are ready to continue their education.   With the support of USBC’s SMART Program the scholarships will be held long term until the bowlers are ready to pursue their education beyond high school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the TBCA office if you have additional questions as we move forward. ( 512-467-9331 )

Thank you!
Karen Miller

TBCA Discontinues Texas Grand Prix Program

Back in the 1980’s the Grand Prix Program was created to reward participation in youth bowling while helping youth bowlers build a scholarship account for their college years.    Texas was the grandfather of the program and many other state proprietors associations jumped on the bandwagon later.  Since our humble beginnings with bowling center owners funding the startup of the program in 1985, the Texas Grand Prix Program has paid out over one million in scholarships. 

Unfortunately, participation has been waning in recent years and in spite of the efforts of many, this program has not received the level of participation to keep it sustainable for the future. With the opportunities to earn scholarships for bowling growing exponentially over the past decade, the model of awarding scholarships for participating in tournaments was less than attractive when families considered the tournament options available for their kids.  For these reasons, the Grand Prix Board of Trustees took action to discontinue the Texas Grand Prix Program effective October 1, 2018.

TBCA is working to button up the 2018 season by October 1st. In September, each family with a child in the program will receive a letter from TBCA advising of the scholarship funds on account.  We will then transfer the bowler’s accounts to the SMART Program by December 31, 2018.

We thank you for your involvement and continued support of youth bowling.  Bowling is THE BEST sport or activity providing scholarships to kids who play! 
It is essential that EVERYONE know nothing has or will happen to the youth bowler’s scholarship money.  All money is secure and will be available when the bowlers graduate and continue their education after high school.   We will be coordinating with the participating bowling centers to secure a smooth process to the USBC SMART Program.

Associations must continually evaluate their programs and services to assure we are meeting our mission. In the case of the Grand Prix Program with a minority of our members utilizing the program and ultimately, the program wasn’t providing the desired outcomes in many areas… sunsetting the program is the responsible thing for us to do.

Karen Miller


Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth

August 10-12, 2018

2017-2018 Seeded List

Seeded Letter


2017 Grand Prix Season- Registrations DueOctober 31st!
New Registration Fee - $ 10
( $ 5 registration / membership fee and $ 5 tournament scholarship fee )

Eliminating Local Fund Raising- Fund raising will be optional but is not required. - Easier process for the bowling center. Year End reporting eliminated!

New Changes to the Program!

Bowling Centers - Reporting Process Information Here


The new changes will benefit the bowlers and the bowling center!!
Super Regionals for the 2017-18 season

November 12, 2017
Tomball Bowling Center
14435 FM 2920 Road
Tomball, TX

February 18, 2018
Fiesta Lanes
1202 Huisache
New Braunfels, TX

Same Squad times -10 amandNoon
Grand Prix State Location - to be announced soon!
Entry form coming soon!
Mark Your Calendar!

Grand Prix Operational Manual *UPDATED 28 AUG 17*

*NEW* Release of Funds Form *UPDATED 25 JUL 17*



"Pay For College through the Grand Prix"

This past year 28,000in additional points were awarded. Earn points in tournaments and leagues.      Points convert to money for College!

If your not in the program contact your local bowling center to sign up!

*New Rule for State Seeded Placement *

The top 8 spots in all divisions will be automatically seeded into the State Event. ( Previously Top 4 )

Bantam and Prep Divisions at the Grand Prix Super Regionals will have additional placement points for the top 4. 

The next (4) highest scratch series bowlers will be seeded up to 8 spots!

Junior and Majors will bowl their bracket 

(same as previous years) for the top 8 spots and all those spots will fill automatically!

**Small Change for Junior/Major divisions only. 

Bracket level will be best 2 out 3 matches until they get to the semi final round.

From there it will be one game matches.

( this mirrors high school bowling)


Any questions please let me know.