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Hello Everyone,

Finally Pepsi has brought to the table a 4 valve unit to help us get our small centers onto our Pepsi program and into BPAA Membership. This 4 valve unit will allow our small centers to serve the 4 Core brands of Pepsi. (Pepsi, Dt Pepsi, Mt Dew, Sierra Mist) This is our time to try and get those members who have not be able to take advantage of our Smart Buy programs and to get their foot in the door with us. At this moment there is enough capital to do at least 500 centers and they are building more.

The process of getting the members on the program is the same. Just have them fill out a BPAA Pepsi Agreement with a W9 form and have them fax over the signature pages to me. Please note on the agreement or email me that this is a Core 4 lead and I will get them set up and make the bottler aware that they want the 4 valve unit so they won’t be turn down. All questions and concern should be directed to me. Please send this to anyone that may help you push membership. This is a very big deal and could mean a lot to our small centers.

See link below for the info on the 4 valve unit. Thanks and lets go get them!

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