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Creative assets to aid members in recruiting in this ever challenging labor market.  Link below.


There are 3 different types of collateral available for use, Print, Digital and Video.  Attached is a presentation with samples of the print and digital files for your review.  We also developed a 60 second, 45 second, 30 second, and four 15 second videos for members to use for their recruiting efforts.  The videos are far to big to send via email so I have not attached them.  This content is part of the new Talent Acquisition Boot Camp and we spend some time in the session discussing the need for these types of marketing materials for recruiting and how to use them.   

 Just a reminder that to access the files a member will need to log onto the BPAA website with their user name and password.

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Bowling University

Click on the Bowling University Image for more information about a great offer to our Member Centers through TCBA. Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Training Looking for a sample League Contract for all your leagues in your center, see below link for more info

More Info Music Licensing


1932 - 2008 Celebrating 75 Years of Service

The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America is a prosperous and progressive association of more than 3300 member bowling centers. BPAA is driven forward by an entire membership, a group of dynamic and knowledgeable men and women who believe that unity, leadership and service are still the keys to success. Through the best and worst of times, the focus of BPAA has always been on leadership, service, and the future. BPAA membership gives the proprietor the strength to gain a fair share of their community's recreational and entertainment dollars in a very competitive market and gives them the means to operate a successful and reputable business.

"It is the Vision of BPAA to be an essential resource to bowling centers and to lead a united, growing, more prosperous and highly regarded bowling industry."

"It is the Mission of BPAA to enhance the profitability of its members."

The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, Inc. is a non-profit organization - the only one in the world that serves the specific, yet diverse, interests of bowling center owners. The far-sighted leaders who founded BPAA in 1932 would be proud of the strong future and bright outlook of this association. Through all the changes both within the association and the industry, one thing remains constant - leadership and service remains at the top of the many BPAA membership benefits.

"We joined TBCA/BPAA in 2013 and attended Bowl Expo and the Southwest Trade Show.  We gained an unbelievable amount of information and insight into the industry. We utilized Pepsi and Sysco and the rebates alone paid our annual dues. What's not to like about that?  TBCA offers free on demand education classes to it's members. We attend the Southwest Show every year because of several reasons, you can easily drive to the locations, it's represented by 4 states and the show is where friendships and relationships really took off for us.  I now serve on the TBCA board and committees".   Scott Holmes, Tomball Bowl, Tomball, Texas

2018 Participating Music Licensing Letter

APPI Energy Information

BPAA-SYSCO Smart Buy Flyer

BPAA PEPSI Program Flyer (UPDATED!!!)

  • 2017 Pepsi Agreement (Annex A)
  • “As an added bonus the Texas BCA is also throwing in a $5 per lane bed signing bonus that will be paid once the program renews. Those centers that are not Pepsi and would like to switch, the Texas BCA will also throw in a $5 per lane bed bonus just for signing up!”

BPAA Snack Bar Menu Flyer