Budget – The Budget committee creates and tracks the annual budget for TBCA to assure the funds entrusted by the TBCA membership are properly spent.  The annual budget must be approved by the Board of Directors.   

 Chairperson:  Rick Heim, Mike Nelson, David Kellerman


Education -  The Education committee develops and implements educational programs for member centers and to educate member centers about BPAA programs (Smart Buy Programs).

Chairperson: Mike Logan, Rick Heim, Scott Holmes, Neil Farren


High School Bowling – The High School Bowling committee is assembled to develop, implement and maintain a successful High School Program. 

Chairperson: Dick Atkinson, Mike Nelson, David Kellerman, Scott Holmes, Scott Craddock


Membership – The Membership committee is assembled to inform new and existing centers about the membership benefits of BPAA and TBCA. 

Chairperson: Mike Logan, Rick Goins, Larry Himes, Doug Davidson


Southwest Trade Show – The STS  committee serves the four states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.   The charge of the committee is to plan, organize and  implement educational topics, vendor fair, and entertainment at the convention.  

Chairperson: Mike Logan, Mike Nelson


Technology –  The Technology committee is assembled to implement and to facilitate the association technological assets and identifying new and existing media platforms.   Ex.) Facebook live and posting scores directly from the screen for the All District Tournament.

Chairperson: Scott Logan, Scott Holmes, Scott Craddock